Grilled Chick Fil A Nuggets

I heard a coworker talking last week about Chick Fil A‘s new grilled chicken nuggets and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  Could this be?  A gluten-free chicken nugget option with gluten-free dipping sauces?  I was intrigued, but I patiently waited and ordered them this week for lunch from the Roswell Road (Sandy Springs) location.  I decided to also order a side salad and waffle fries since I didn’t know the size of the grilled nuggets.  Boy, am I certainly glad I did that because if I had just ordered the six pack nuggets and salad I would still be starving right now.  These nuggets are on the small side so make sure you order more of them or plenty of sides to fill you up.  The nuggets do deliver on taste though.  They are well seasoned and juicy and did I mention they are GLUTEN-FREE

Your kids can enjoy these nuggets as a much healthier alternatives in a kid’s meal served with squeezable applesauce and milk.

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Chick-fil-A Southwest Salad

Always on the quest for a delicious salad and this one from Chick-fil-A does not disappoint.  Topped with spicy corn tortilla strips this salad is sure to satisfy.  UPDATE- Tell them to skip the corn/black bean relish as this contains wheat germ.  The salad is loaded with veggies and that delicious chargrilled chicken we love.  I like this one best with the Buttermilk Ranch dressing.

The best part is that you can also order the gluten-free waffle fries with your salad as a bonus.  What a treat!

Mmmmmm….waffle fries!