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Howdy ya’all!

Okay, I don’t actually talk like that, but I do live in the Atlanta metro area and in 2010 I started living on the gluten free diet.  Both my Aunt and Mother have been diagnosed with celiac disease and I have been diagnosed with lymphocytic colitis.  Please understand that I have always been in love with carbohydrates so making the decision to go on this diet has not been an easy task.  No wheat, rye or barley…..how will I live?

This was my first reaction.

I have also never been a very good baker.  I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, but baking has always been my nemesis.  Apparently yeast and I have never gotten along, but I’m working hard to mend that relationship.  I’ve always loved to write and thought it would be great to dish about my gluten free adventures.  Hope you will also share some of yours!

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6 responses

  1. Hi Angela – thank you for liking my poem Oliver and your encouraging comments.
    I find your blog really interesting. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year and have been learning a lot about food and nutrition that I did not know before.
    The weight is slowly coming off and I feel better every day
    Best wishes to you

  2. Hi Angela,

    You will get used to gluten free. Try not to get obsessed with substitutes. I cook every meal nearly. My local bakery has started doing G/F bread, I must try it. I used to like toast! The diet is important because you can get other things like osteoporosis later on. The diet doesn’t always work. The doctors expect all symptoms to disappear but they don;t always! I found a medicine that works and I only take half a dose but ti took a few decades. I’m still not well but better than I have been for a long time and spend my time writing and taking photos – not a bad life!

    Good luck with the blog…

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