Johnny’s Pizza….Gluten-Free Pizza

Good news!  Apparently Johnny’s New York Style Pizza is now carrying gluten-free 10″ pizzas at a cost of $8.99.  Bad news is this is only happening at “participating” locations.  After talking to one of the restaurant managers I found out it is up to each restaurant owner as to whether they will carry the gluten-free crust or not.

I called a few of the restaurants located near my office and my home and this was the result:


Acworth, Kennesaw/Barrett Pkwy, Sandy Springs


Dallas/East Paulding, Hiram, Kennesaw Cherokee St, Marietta/Dallas Hwy

They do warn on their website that a small amount of cross contamination can occur in a flour rich environment so if a small amount of gluten can be harmful to you they recommend that you avoid this product. 

Has anyone tried this crust yet and if so what was your opinion of the taste/quality and cross contamination?


5 responses

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  2. I tried it last night. It comes in its own pan and is sealed. It can be customized to your liking- pro. The crust stuck to its pan and had to be scraped, poked and coaxed with fork, knife and server- major con. While I will say if you haven’t had pizza in some time it was ok. It reminded me of those cheapy cracker pizzas from the frozen section. I got sick almost immediately so I will suggest not eating it if you are allergic. If you are just cutting back on your intake a la Kim kardashian go for it!

    • Yes, the taste of the Domino’s crust is much better than Johnny’s. Of course, there can be cross contamination at either place if you are allergic so be informed and be careful.

  3. Thought I’d add an update that we just called Johnny’s in Sandy Springs, Roswell Road, and they do have the GF crust now. Might try it tonight!

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