How You Like Me Now?

So, I finished my first ever 5k right before Thanksgiving and for those that followed along you know that my closet was pathetically lacking a good running shoe.  I ran the race in some white tennis shoes I had that really weren’t designed for running, but that didn’t stop me from completing the race.

I’m pretty frugal so I wasn’t going to buy another pair of shoes unless I saw a good deal so this past weekend I made my purchase of these babies:

As soon as I brought them home my husband gently reminded me that I could now throw out the tired brown tennis shoes that he despised.  I dutifully obliged him and tossed the “humilated husband” pair in the trash heap.  I wore my new running shoes all weekend and I have to say they are so much more comfortable than my other shoes.  I even took them around the track on a light jog once to test them out. 

My hubby approved of these shoes so I guess he won’t be embarrassed to be out with me in public in them.  So… do you like me now?


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