Brunch for Lunch

Yesterday I was feeling like some brunch food for lunch so after a great service at Freedom Church I whipped up this hashbrown, poached egg concoction and it was divine!  It really hit the spot and gave me the energy to root for my two favorite football teams:  Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos.  I hope they both pull out a victory!


2 medium idaho potatoes shredded in a food processor and then drained in a kitchen towel to get out most of the water

1 scallion sliced on the bias

1/2 c shredded cheddar cheese

3 strips of bacon chopped and crisped up

2 poached eggs

vegetable oil or shortening (2-4 T)

salt and pepper

Heat oil over medium-high heat and crisp potatoes in 2 batches.  While the potatoes are cooking season them with salt and pepper.  Once browned on one side flip over and then melt half the cheese on your first batch.  Cook your second batch of potatoes in the same fashion.  Place potatoes on plate and then top with the two poached eggs, scallion, bacon and season the eggs lightly with salt and pepper.



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