The True Story of St. Nicholas

I’m going to be taking some time off to enjoy this Christmas season with my family, but I shall return soon with lots of good gluten-free recipes.  Before I go I thought I would leave you with the real story of St. Nicholas and what this holiday means to me.

St. Nicholas was a real man who was born in the third century to wealthy parents.  When Nicholas was very young he lost his parents in an epidemic.  He believed in the words of Jesus to give to those in need so he took his entire inheritance and gave it to the needy, sick and those who were suffering.  He was a Christian and dedicated is life to serving God and he became a bishop while still a young man.  He was known for his generosity and his love of children, but because of his faith he was exhiled and imprisoned.  The anniversay of his death, December 6th, became St. Nicholas Day and is still widely celebrated in Europe.

Many stories and legends surround St. Nicholas and he eventually turned into Santa Claus in the United States, but his spirit is alive and well all around ….. if we look for it.  There is no other time of year that brings out such generosity of spirit in those around us then right now.  While there may not be a rotund jolly man climbing down each child’s chimney, I like to think that it is pretty impressive that so many parents around the globe carry forward the spirit and wonder of St. Nicholas each Christmas. 

Remember in giving to others whether it is financially, spiritually or emotionally you will get so much back in return.

Merry Christmas!


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