McKendricks Steakhouse

Let me preface this post by saying that last weekend my husband and I had a wonderful meal at Ruths Chris Steakhouse.  It was our first visit and once my husband inquired if they had a gluten-free menu the waiter was happy to oblige.  We tried the Crabtini for our appetizer which was delicate and mouthwatering.  I opted for the 8oz filet with mashed potatoes and sauteed mushrooms all served to perfection.  All of their filets are served with butter and parsley on top….YUMMO!  It was a wonderful meal.

Now, fast forward to last night when my company had their Christmas party at McKendricks in Atlanta.  I called the restaurant ahead of time to see if they offered a gluten-free menu since I could not locate one searching the internet was told by the delightful lady that answered the phone that they don’t have a menu they can send me, but the most of their food is gluten-free.  Most?  WTH?  What kind of an answer is that? 

The company ordered these appetizer towers for the table which contained lobster tempura (no), crab cakes (no) and stone crab claws (yes!).  The crab claws came with a horseradish type dipping sauce and were delicious, but not sure what was in the sauce.  I figured the escargot would be safe so I started with that and then got the 8oz filet, lobster mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts.  The escargot was submerged in garlic butter with small bits of tomato in it and was very tasty.  The filet was cooked with this great crust on it and it tasted amazing.  The brussel sprouts had bacon and parmesan cheese and I’m going to have to steal that idea and make them that way at home.

All in all the food was delicious, but I wish McKendricks would get with the gluten-free program so customers are not playing guesswork when placing an order.

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