Darling Clementine!

A few years ago I had no idea what a clementine was and had never experienced this wonderful citrus fruit.  I bought a few of them to try them out and ever since our family has been hooked on this variety of a mandarin orange.  They are very easy to peel and the best part is they are seedless!   These babies are juicy, sweet and have less acidity than an orange.  You can use the zest of this fruit just like you can orange zest in recipes.  You’ll see them arrive in grocery stores around mid-November through January (giving them the name Christmas oranges) usually in bags or little crates.  The Cuties brand often has coupons found in your local Sunday paper.

We look forward to getting our suppy of these Christmas oranges this time of year as they make great healthy snacks.  If you haven’t tried them yet please pick some up!

What are your favorite uses for these Christmas oranges?


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