There is a little hibachi sushi place near my office on Roswell Road called Enzo that has become one of my go-to places to grab some hot food and take it back to my desk.  I know there is probably some gluten in this food and I do my best to avoid it as much as possible, but this is the one place that I indulge anyway.  My stomach has tolerated the food well so far and since I believe that I have an intolerance to gluten rather than something more severe I am not as strict as some of you who suffer from celiac or some other gluten issues may have to be.

For lunch I get a ginger salad, steamed rice (not fried), hibachi chicken and assorted veggies and some sweet potato tempura.  I opt to get extra veggies instead of the 4 piece california roll that comes with the special.  The food is pretty good and the price is very reasonable for the amount of food you get.  They also serve many varieties of sushi too.

I only eat there about 3 times a month because I do try to avoid gluten as much as I can.  Hopefully my stomach will continue to tolerate it!

Enzo Sushi and Steak on Urbanspoon


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