These Pretzels are Making Me Thirsty

I have been searching for a good gluten-free pretzel and I found it with the Glutino Pretzel Sticks.  I bought a bag to try from and they have been sitting in my pantry for a few days just waiting for me to open them up.  I was a little hesitant because the gluten-free crackers I’ve had thus far have not been the greatest so I wasn’t sure if the pretzels would also disappoint.

I got a little hungry watching House last night so I thought I would grab a handful of the pretzel sticks and let my taste buds be the judge.  Wow!  These babies tasted just like a regular pretzel stick….I was impressed!  You can find so many ways to use these too (homemade chex mix, chocolate covered or dipped, smash them to make a pretzel flavored crust).  I decided to take the rest of the bag to work this morning so I can enjoy them as a side item with my many lunch salads for some crunch…..great job Glutino!


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