Day of the Big Race

Yesterday was the day of my first 5K race.  I had been training for weeks and when the day arrived I was eager and a little nervous.  My husband and children were going to be my cheering squad so we all piled in the car and drove to a church in Acworth to park.  We had to walk about a half-mile to get to the registration tents to pick up my race number.  Along the way we saw a lady dressed in a turkey outfit.  I wondered to myself if she was going to start the race and we would chase her since it was called the “Acworth Turkey Chase”, but I figured she was probably just there to cheer us on. 

I arrived at the tent and got my race number and gathered my safety pins to attach my number to my hoodie jacket.

Number 149…..looked lucky to me!  I searched next for the closest portapotty so I could empty my bladder and then began stretching.  There was a crowd of people of all ages and dogs who were all excited to run.  A few minutes later they announced over the loud speaker for the timed runners to make their way to the starting line.  I kissed my family goodbye and then headed that way.  As I continued to warm up with stretches I managed to hit some guy in the chest with my left arm as I was stretching them outward to warm up…..classic me.  It was an overcast brisk fall day and I was ready to get my jog on.

The horn sounded and the crowd took off like we were in Pamplona, Spain during the running of the bulls.  Many people passed by me, but I kept a steady pace that I felt comfortable with.  When my side started to hurt I would walk for a bit and then pick up my jog again.  There were a few steep hills and I elected to walk up those as well.  I tried to run as much as possible and I enjoyed the scenery as we ran by a lake, over a bridge and through some woods where a creepy guy shouted to all the women running by “You guys are looking so good and so skinny.”  He motivated me to pick up my pace.

I rounded mile two feeling pretty good and I knew the finish was not too far off.  I walked up the last hill and then rounded the corner toward the finish.  As the end came in sight I saw the smiling faces of my two kids and my loving hubby cheering me to the end and I couldn’t help but beam with pride.  I picked up my pace and finished with a final time of 39 minutes and 31 seconds.  I was 179th out of 213th timed runners and I was satisfied with my accomplishment and my race tshirt.

Maybe I’ll do it again next year!


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