Uphill Battle

Yesterday I decided to do my running to practice for my first 5K in my neighborhood instead of on the nice flat track to prepare myself in case the course has hills.  I decided to run/walk to my son’s elementary school which is about 1.5 miles and then back so that would get to me to around the 3 mile mark.  I started off strong with a nice fall wind in my face.  I concentrated on my breathing so I wouldn’t get that pinch in my side.  Everything was going great….until I got to that first hill.  I tried to run as I could feel the incline under my feel, but my running turned into a brisk walk. 

Whenever I came to another flat section of our neighborhood I ran, but when there was something steep I resorted to walking.  I got to my son’s school and immediately turned around and headed back home.  This time the wind was at my back and my hooded jacket that I had been wearing when I started was now tied around my waist.  I could feel the sweat building under my arms and into my tshirt, but I pressed on.  I found myself trying to run when a car was going to be near….I don’t know why.  As if they cared whether or not I was running or walking, but it did motivate me somewhat. 

I was so happy to see my house as I rounded the last hill.  It took me about 40 minutes to get those 3 miles in, but I think I’m now ready to do this 5k thing!

Wish me luck!


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