Running Shoes

So I am officially signed up to run my first 5K on 11/19/11 and I’ve been doing my best to get my out of shape body ready.  I’ve been running & walking a couple of times a week for a while now.  This past weekend I completed 20 laps around the 1/8 mile track at my son’s elementary school.  While running I had to deal with 2 parents and their young kids who decided it was best to teach their kids to ride their bikes on the track rather than some other location that didn’t have a sweaty runner on it.  I was able to dodge the bike riders for the most part so they didn’t slow me down too much.  I ran 12 of those laps and walked 8 so a total of 2.5 miles….not too shabby.  After I was done I didn’t feel completely exhausted so I think I will be able to survive.

After doing this running I decided to take a hard look at my shoes.  Let me tell you it wasn’t a pretty sight.  I’m pretty frugal so I don’t buy shoes that often and when I do I tend to focus more on the deal than the actual shoe itself.  That being said, here have been my choices to go running:

#1 The Mountaineers

These look better suited to go hiking on a trail rather than running a 5K.

#2 Humiliated Husband

My husband HATES these shoes.  When I am wearing them he walks 3 steps ahead of me so as not to be seen with these brown bad boys.  He would be happy seeing them put to rest in a garbage can.  They are falling apart a little on the side, but they are comfortable so I still keep them around. 

#3 Vanilla Bean

Feast your eyes on these all white babies with no laces!  These are pretty comfortable for walking, but not really designed as a running shoe either.  I make due with what I got.

Maybe after I complete my 5K I will treat myself to a new pair of actual running shoes and throw out the brown ones my husband despises so much.   That would just make his day!


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