Just call me Road Runner

I will remind you that I have never run any sort of race in my life.  I am not a runner.  Heck, I am not an exerciser for the most part.  My husband has always been the one to run 10K races and he goes to the gym religiously.  I have always stayed active, but exercising has never come naturally to me.  I did continue my 5K race training this week by doing 16 laps around the 1/8 mile track so that is a whole 2 miles.  I did one mile of running and one mile of walking.  This is my highest lap total to date……yeah for me!  When I was done I didn’t feel totally exhausted like I have in the past so maybe my body is getting used to this thing they call exercise.  I was feeling so much more confident about myself that I have officially registered for the Acworth Turkey Chase Race scheduled for November 19th (gulp!).  The race will be held rain or shine so I am committed to seeing it through….there’s no turning back even if I have to crawl across the finish line. 

There’s probably no chance in hades that I will ever be entering any marathons any time soon, but maybe if I have a good 5K experience I will want to continue to do them or even try a 10K down the road.  Who knows?  At least I will be able to cross a 5K off my bucket list of accomplishments.

What is on your small bucket list to accomplish?


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