Food for Life English Muffins

I have always loved english muffins.  The way the butter seeps into the little crevices and softens the inner muffin while the outer muffin retains its crispy crunch  has always been a special breakfast treat.  I’ve tried one other gluten-free english muffin before and was not pleased with the texture, but thought I would give it a go again.  I bought the Food for Life variety today at Publix.  I had contacted Food for Life directly a while back and they sent me a package of manufactuers coupons to use on any of their products so after coupon these muffins were only $2.50 which is a great bargain for gluten-free bread items.

Will these muffins meet up to my standards?  After defrosting one in the microwave for about 30 seconds I separated it and put it in my toaster.  The muffin didn’t get very brown in there, but maybe I should have tried to toast it longer.  I smothered it in butter and strawberry jam and tried my first bite.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The muffin tasted very similiar to what I had remembered an english muffin should taste like.  One warning though….there are little sprouts sprinkled throughout the muffin so the texture of those is different.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!  I found a decent english muffin!


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