Bat treats

I was searching for some Halloween treats to make and came across these cute bat Rice Krispies treats and figured I could try to make them using the new gluten-free Rice Krispies.  Aren’t they adorable?


3T unsalted butter

4c mini marshmallows

6c gluten-free Rice Krispies cereal

canned frosting or decorating gel or candies

cooking spray

Melt butter over low heat in a large saucepan and once melted add marshmallows.  Remove from heat.  Add cereal and stir until well coated.  Use a sheet of wax paper to press mixture into a 13X9 pan coated with cooking spray.  Cool slightly and then use cookie cutters coated with cooking spray to cut into bat shapes.  Decorate your bats with frosting or gel or assorted candies.  Serve the same day.

I’ll let you know how mine turn out.

UPDATE:  Okay so I tried these today (10/29/11) and they didn’t work so well using plastic cookie cutters, but using my pumpkin shaped metal cookie cutter worked like a charm.  This was my result:


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