Training continues….

This past weekend was jam packed.  My daughter’s 5th birthday party was on Saturday and then afterwards we went home to carve some jack o’lanterns and make dinner.  I planned on doing some more running to train for my first 5K on Sunday. 

We woke up Sunday and got ready for church.  Afterwards we headed home for lunch and then the kids wanted to watch Goonies which I had taped for them.  After a busy Saturday and watching a movie on my comfy bed I dozed off for about an hour.  I needed to get dinner going after I woke up so I trotted off to the kitchen to get things going.  My hubby decided to take the kids to the playground.  Did I mention this is the same playground with a running track beside it? 

 I feverishly got my dinner in the oven and set the timer for 30 minutes.  I grabbed a water bottle and drove the 5 minutes to the track to squeeze in a quick run.  One lap around the track is 1/8 of a mile so my goal was to try to get in 8 laps and head back home to pull dinner out of the oven to cool.  I ran 5 of the 8 laps and walked 3 of them.  I had gotten in a mile….yippee!  I drove back home in time to hear the timer going off and pulled my casserole out of the oven.  I didn’t burn dinner…another yippee!

My training continues, but I’ve got to crank it up a notch if I’m going to survive this 5k!

I leave you with my jack o’lanterns…..BOO!!

After writing this my husband talked me into running again Tuesday evening.  Even though I was tired and bloated I did 10 laps around the track this time running for 6 of them.  My heart was thanking me afterwards!



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