Gluten-free cake

My daughter is turning 5 years old in a few days so this Saturday is her birthday party.  She wanted a cake with pink roses and strawberries.  She is very specific and knows what she likes!  Since I am a horrible cake decorator I opted to go with the Publix vanilla cake loaded with gluten

I didn’t want my Mom and I to be left out of the birthday sugar experience so I instructed my hubby to pick up one of the gluten-free Betty Crocker cake mixes so I can make some quick cupcakes.  I just simply don’t have time to make a homemade gluten-free cake this time with everything that is going on and it is OKAY in my mind sometimes to take a shortcut if needed.  I’ve tried these cake mixes before and they are good to use in a pinch.

I’m also having my hubby pick up some ready made frosting and then I’ll dust them with some fun candy sprinkles.

Sometimes life is busy……relax, and go with a box when you need to!



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