Running on Empty

I decided a couple of weeks ago to attempt to run a 5K race in November.  Granted I have never run a race before in my life, but my husband has run several 5K and 10K races and he agreed to help me get ready. 

Please keep this in mind…..I am 40 years old and I hate to exercise.  Luckily I have always relied on my good genes and good metabolism to maintain a healthy weight since I have an affinity for food.  I LOVE to eat, but I’ve never had a problem with my weight.  This has probably not helped me to get motivated to exercise more.  I don’t understand why some people say they enjoy exercise.  Enjoy it?  I enjoy eating chocolate.  I enjoy listening to music louder than I should.  I enjoy a hot bubble bath.  Who enjoys panting and sweating and working muscle groups I can’t pronounce?

Anyway, I decided to start my training for my measly 5K race this weekend.  We went to a track at my son’s elementary school and began stretching my calves and quads.  My husband immediately remarked that I didn’t have good “running” shoes on.  This is probably due to the fact that I don’t like “running” and don’t own any.  My shoes have always served me well on  leisurely walks, cooking in the kitchen and watching t.v.  Running was never in their job description….until now.  After stretching my husband looked at his watch so he could keep track of how long we had run.  He gave the signal to start and then he was off to a pace that my atrophied muscles could not meet.  I was on my own.

We determined one lap around the track to be 1/8 mile.  I ran 3 laps around the track at my own pace and then started to feel a pinching pain in my left abdomen.  My husband would later explain that I wasn’t breathing correctly.  How can this be?  I have  a lot of practice breathing, but apparently you have to breathe differently when you run.  I walked the next lap around the track and then alternated the running and walking until I completed 12 laps.  When I was finished I was exhausted and thirsty.  My face felt flush as I chugged from my water bottle.  There was sweat around my neck and armpits which immediately reminded me why I don’t like to exercise.

My husband gave me accolades for a job well done.  As we walked away from the track I calculated that I had run 1.25 miles on my first outing.  A 5k is equivalent to 3.125 miles….we’ll see if I can survive to tell the tale of my first and maybe only race.

Stay tuned.


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