Soy Sauce

Did you know that many brands of soy sauce contain gluten?  It is amazing how many products contain this stuff  and it can be hard sometimes to find products that are gluten-free.  I’m in the market for a gluten-free soy sauce and found that my favorite brand of regular soy sauce, Kikkoman, makes one that is gluten-free now.

I have not found this product in my local supermarket yet, but I am dying to try it.  Nothing adds that nice salty tang to some dishes like a good bottle of soy sauce.  La Choy soy sauce is naturally gluten-free, but I’ve tried this sauce in the past and wasn’t too fond of the flavor.

Has anyone tried the Kikkoman variety?  Is it any good?  There is also a soy sauce substitute recipe I came across where you combine 8 parts molasses and 3 parts balsamic vinegar……guess if I can’t find the Kikkoman I can try out the substitute and see how that tastes.


2 responses

  1. Most of the glutten Free Soy sauces I have found are, frankly, not very good. The exception is the Kikkoman. It actually tastes like Kikkoman is supposed to taste. From what I understand the reason they took a while for it to come out is that they wanted to make it perfect.

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