Black Box Pinot Grigio

As a member of BzzAgent I get to try new products and report back on my honest opinion.  Since both my hubby and I have been exploring new wines lately I jumped at the chance to be part of this BzzAgent Campaign.    A few days ago I got my Black Box Wine kit in the mail which contained several rebate offers, magnets and some plastic wine glasses so I was all set to try this boxed wine.  My husband and I are no wine snobs.  We are typically drawn to bottles of sweet wines like Moscato or Wise & Heimer’s Sweet Red (found at Cost Plus World Market) which are under $10 per bottle.

After reviewing the types of wines Black Box offered we decided to try the Reisling; however my trip to Publix yielded no Reisling since this kind was not on the shelf.  I opted to try the Pinot Grigio for $23.99 per box instead.  I have really enjoyed other Pinot Griogios by other wine makers so I had high hopes. After we let the wine chill for 24 hours we decided to try it out.

My husband immediately made a sour face at his first sip so it was up to me to trudge through a complete glass before giving my opinion.  The box promised aromas of lemon peel, pear and a dollop of fresh peach with juicy flavors of citrus and apples that lead to a finish that is bright and delicious.  After I finished my glass of what tasted like watered down bitter wine, I was not impressed.  The packaging had a nice pour spout with a button and one box is supposed to be equivalent to 4 wine bottles; however I was very disappointed in the lack of flavor and what I did taste was unappealing.

The good news is wine is always gluten-free….the bad news is I wouldn’t purchase this one again.  What is your favorite wine for under $10 per bottle?



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