Veggie Chips

Has anyone ever tried these Veggie Chips before?  A co-worker ordered them for our office and I reviewed the ingredient list on the bag:  potato flour, potato starch, sunflower oil, corn startch, tomato puree, spinach powder, salt, sugar and turmeric.  I decided to give them a whirl since the listed ingredients seemed okay.  They are so addictive!  I searched the company website to find any allergen info and didn’t have any luck.  I then did an internet search and some other bloggers are reporting them as gluten-free.  I love the multi color look of the chips and they have some (albeit probably minute) amount of veggies in them so you don’t feel as guilty eating them, but I would like to get a definitive answer on whether this is truly a gluten-free product.

I guess my stomach may let me know if a few days 🙂



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