Fall vodka

My pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon and ginger infused project was completed over the weekend and this was my prize!  Now, before I begin with my thoughts on the first taste let me describe to you how I got the bottle from looking like this:

To looking like my finshed product:

After sitting on my kitchen counter for one week it was time to remove the pumpkin, candied ginger, vanilla beans and cinnamon stick.  Of course during the process the pumpkin pieces had swollen so retrieving them from the narrow opening may present a challenge, but I wasn’t as concerned about them.  As I was ready to remove the items in the bottle I suddenly remembered how I had jammed that rather large cinnamon stick into the bottle and now had no idea how I was going to get it out without smashing my newly purchased bottle to smithereens!


I quickly poured out the spicy vodka into a bowl and then began my work.  I grabbed a thin wooden skewer and began to stab the pumpkin pieces with it hoping to pull them through the opening.  That didn’t work too well.  I then tried violently shaking the bottle and to my great surprise some of the pumpkin came out.  I decided to use my skewer to break the pumpkin up into smaller pieces if necessary.  I alternated between the shaking and the skewer for several minutes and got much of the ginger and pumpkin to retreat from the bottle.  Finally one of the vanilla beans came close to the opening and I was able to pull it out with a set of tweesers.  A few moments later the other vanilla bean was removed in the same manner.

Now I stood face to face with a large and rather stubborn cinnamon stick.  I was able to grab a small part of it with my tweesers and tore it off.  This gave me a little hope.  I kept working my tweesers getting several more small scraps of cinnamon out of the bottle.  As the stick began to get smaller I could see victory withhin my grasp.  With deliberate motion I grabbed the cinnamon stick one last time and slowly pulled as hard as a I could.  I squealed when I realized that the stick had been defeated by my incredible brain power and tools.  I was the victor and now I would enjoy my spoils!

I strained the vodka and then put it back into the bottle using a funnel.  After some refrigeration to chill the elixir I poured a shot and took a sip.  I could smell the vanilla and cinnamon right away.  As I swallowed I could feel the warmth of the ginger in my throat and then the burn of the vodka made it’s prescence known.  The pumpkin flavor was not as prevelant as I would like, but I thought this drink would be perfect to spike up some apple cider.



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