My Salute to David Puddy

All of you Seinfeld fans will know exactly who I am referring to.  For those that don’t let me explain.  David Puddy was a rather interesting recurring boyfriend character for Elaine on the hit Seinfeld show during the 90’s.  He wasn’t very bright and was known for staring at nothing, his constant break-ups with Elaine and my favorite line “Feels like an Arby’s night.”

Puddy video

Today I salute you David Puddy by eating a Roasted Chicken Farmhouse Salad from Arbys.  I decided to get it without the onions….I’m not a big fan of eating hunks of raw onions in my salad.  This is a very simple salad, but the addition of bacon makes everything better, right?

Okay…..I’ll confess.  I also ordered the value sized Jamocha shake you see pictured.  I don’t want any judgement!  I have had a really busy week at the office and thought I deserved a little treat with my salad.  At least that is my rationalization 🙂

If you get a craving for an Arby’s salad or a Jamocha shake…don’t blame me….blame David Puddy!


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