Got Milk?

Several weeks ago when my colitis was acting up I started looking into foods that can aggravate it.  It seems that there can be many triggers that can cause your tummy trouble like caffeine, chocolate and dairy.  Since I don’t really ingest much caffeine and there was NO way in hades that I was giving up chocolate I decided to cut cow milk out of my diet.  I had become accustomed to having a glass of the cow juice every morning with my breakfast either in a bowl with cereal or in a glass by itself.  I had tasted soy milk before and I gotta say…..NOT a fan!  I decided to try some of this almond milk that I had been hearing so much about.  The “original” flavor did not impress me.  The smell and lack of flavor did nothing to win my taste buds over so I tried the “vanilla” flavor next.  YUM-O!  Okay….I can deal with this!  It was creamy and I loved the hint of vanilla flavor.  I have been drinking this brand now for a couple of weeks and I am happy to say my stomach has not had any bad reactions.  As a matter of fact, my colitis hasn’t acted up in a while now…..YIPPEE!

I’m not sure if I have found the solution to all of my stomach issues, but for now I am loving the almond milk.  I buy the Blue Diamond brand because it goes on sale quite frequently at Publix and Kroger and coupons are usually very easy to find.  If you haven’t tried it yet check it out and let me know your thoughts.

I just have one question though… those little nuts have udders?  I don’t know how they get the milk out of them, but my stomach is thankful!


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  1. LOL! You did more than just help your stomach with giving up cow milk. You just eliminated excess hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides with one motion!

    I don’t know how I could survive without my almond milk. The vanilla comes in 60 and 40 calorie versions too.

    Great blog. Keep it up!

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