Gluten-Free Pasta at Romano’s Macaroni Grill

I was invited to go to dinner recently with some old work colleagues and Romano‘s was chosen as the restaurant.  We chose the Ashford Dunwoody location.  My first thought was….I guess I’ll be ordering a salad…again.  I reviewed their allergen menu online and thought my eyes were deceiving me when I see gluten-free penne listed.  YAHOO! 


Once we got to the restaurant I decided to order the Penne Rustica and stated that I needed to have the gluten-free pasta to our waiter.  His reply to me was “That is going to take a lot longer to cook.”  What kind of a response is that?  I told me that I was fine with that.  I had my heart set on pasta so my mind was made up.  They brought the lovely little loaf of bread to the table with the olive oil to dip it in.  I knew that I couldn’t dive into that, but I was content in knowing that I was going to eat penne pasta in a cream sauce with roasted chicken and shrimp…..yum!

Once they brought my entree I requested some fresh parmesan cheese grated on top and then I dove in.  I didn’t take a photo of  the dish for fear that my old co-workers would think I was a dork when I told them “I need this pic for my blog.”  Overall the dish was decent.  I got one piece of  chicken that had some grisly stuff on it and only got 2 shrimp in the entire dish, but I was still happy that I was eating PASTA and not eating rabbit food.

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4 responses

  1. I recently had this exact same dish at a location here in New Mexico. The waitstaff was nice enough to let me know that the extra wait time is because they actually make the pasta fresh when you order it… I was stunned and excited to say the least. It was a wonderful treat to say the least!

  2. I have had 3 issues with cross contamination here with other types of pasta (a string of spaghetti, etc). Each time they comped the bill, but come on….

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