Gluten-Free Groceries

Anyone that has ever visited the supermarket and looked at the price of xanthum gum, any gluten-free flour or other gluten-free products knows that going without gluten costs a great deal more money then buying products loaded with gluten.  Many of the baked goods out there don’t taste very good so I end of baking myself which requires so many more ingredients.  Buying all of these gluten-free products and ingredients put a big dent in my wallet. 

A few months ago my brother shared with me some tips to save loads of money on a lot of the other products I buy at the grocery and/or drug store and the savings have been HUGE!  I have been able to get shampoo, razors, body wash and many other items completely for FREE!  That is right…..FREE!  You do have to take some time to coupon and review the sales ads each week for the grocery and drug stores, but to me the time is totally worth the hundreds of dollars I have saved thus far.  Now, don’t worry…..we are not some of those obsessive extreme couponers that you see on TV, but if I can get some of my health and beauty products for free….why not?  I’m also saving so much money on some of the other grocery products I buy….as long as I’m not too loyal to any particular brand.

My brother got tired of answering the same questions over and over to folks who were asking him how to do it so he put everything in a little book if you are interested.  He saves 90% or more on his grocery bill, but he is a master at it.  I’m still working up to that level.  To get more info visit

Just to get you started try visiting the following websites or  Southernsavers lists the grocery and drug store ads for the week and pairs them with the coupons out there so you can get the best deals.  Hip to Save will tell you all the best freebies and deals for the day.

Check them out and start saving that moolah!


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