The Unwich

What an incredible invention for the gluten-free world!  I am of course speaking of the Unwich which can only be found at Jimmy Johns.  I visited the Roswell Road location and discovered this low carb sandwich wrapped in lettuce.  Any sandwich can be ordered as an Unwich.  I tried the #10 Hunters Club with the addition of cucumber and alfalfa sprouts.  The roast beef, cheese and veggies were deliciously and carefully wrapped in iceberg lettuce leaves and then wrapped again in paper.  I ordered my meal online and when I arrived it was ready and waiting to be picked up.

I have missed having sandwiches so much since going gluten-free so this lunch was just up my alley.  There are so many options to choose from so I guess I’ll slowly have to work my way through their menu.  Way to go Jimmy Johns!  If you haven’t checked them out please do so.

What is your favorite sandwich, um Unwich?

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches on Urbanspoon


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