Food Network Gripe

I’ve said before that I’m a HUGE Food Network junkie.  You can also catch me watching the Cooking Channel several days a week.  I’m a big fan of Aarti Party, 5 Ingredient Fix, Chopped, Iron Chef, 30 Minute Meals, Semi Homemade Cooking, Barefoot Contessa, Cupcake Wars, Giada at Home…..the list goes on.  My husband tires of my obsession with watching all this foodie TV….he says it is always making him feel hungry.  It is my compulsion!  I watch these shows to be inspired, entertained and of course to try the recipes! 

Lately though, I have been disappointed to find that there is not one show dedicated to gluten free eating.  How can this be?  It is estimated that between 1%-5% of Americans is living gluten-free.  Do we not warrant a show about living and cooking gluten-free?  So many times I have to modify recipes to make them gluten-free.  I’m either removing ingredients all together or replacing ingredients with something similiar to create a dish that my family can enjoy.

I know there has to be a phenomenal chef out there that is living gluten-free and I would love to watch him/her create wonderful baked goods and exotic masterpieces that I can recreate in my own home kitchen.  I want to see someone else juggle 30 ingredients just to make a cake.  I want to see someone show me how to make a decent homemade loaf of bread or a roll without gluten.  I want to see someone explain to me why we have to use 3 kinds of flour, 2 starches and one gum just to get something that resembles a decent baked good!

 Seeing someone on TV making delicious food that doesn’t contain a trace of gluten is my dream, but, right now it is only a dream. 

This is my gripe Food Network….are you listening?


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