Sometimes I hate my colon…

About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with lymphocytic coilitis (LC).  This is a form of microscopic coilitis that can only be diagnosed by reviewing tissue samples of the colon lining under a microscope.  LC is an inflammatory condition in the colon that causes chronic diarrhea and an accumulation of white blood cells in the colon lining.

Shortly after receiving this diagnosis I removed gluten from my diet and my stomach had actually been acting normal.  I had no abdominal cramps and I was feeling good….until recently.  Lately my stomach has been cramping and the trips to the bathroom have increased.  I have tried removing dairy, caffeine and chocolate to see if that would help, but so far no luck.  I want to curse my colon some days!  This is an embarrassing, frustrating ailment.  There is no known way to prevent it and some people have the effects for years, while others have their symptoms spontaneously disappear.  I wish I could say some magic words to bring my digestive system back to normal.

Alakazam!!  Nope…..didn’t work.  Is anyone else out there a sufferer of the dreaded coilitis?


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