Gluten free Cruising!

We had a wonderful trip cruising on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas this summer and I wanted to report back on my gluten free dining experience while crusing the high seas!
Main Dining Room – you order for the next evenings meal the day before and the dining room will tailor your meal to be gluten free. They will leave some things off your dish if they can’t make it gluten free, but we enjoyed many sauces and desserts gluten free. Some of the items that were fantastic were roasted peach soup, pumpkin soup, roasted duck, roasted turkey, prime rib, fisherman’s plate, cherries jubilee, flourless chocolate cake, escargot and leg of lamb. I was disappointed with the gluten free attempt at a crab cake….skip that cause it tastes like a heavy biscuit with no crab meat flavor.
Windjammer – I pretty much picked items myself that I thought would be “safe” and did well. Some of the better selections I tried were vegetables, cold cuts and cheeses, mashed potatoes, carved meats, salads and fruits. For dessert I could almost always find a gluten free option….mango panacotta, cherries and vanilla custard, chocolate mousse, etc.
Chops – We notified them ahead of time that I was gluten free, but unfortunately they do not tailor the meal to be gluten free. They just advised me what I could order. I was told I couldn’t get the ahi tuna appetizer because there were breadcrumbs on the tuna so instead I ordered shrimp coctail, 7 oz filet with roasted potatoes with prosciutto and parmesan, crimini mushrooms and leeks and creme brulee. This was by far the best meal we enjoyed on the ship.
Rita’s Cantina – this was somewhat disappointing. I ordered chips and salsa with queso dip (which was the orange melted cheese kind….yuck!), watermelon and mint soup (very spicy) and some ground beef enchiladas which didn’t have much flavor. I got the flan for dessert, but the caramel was a little burnt for my taste.
Wipeout Cafe – I got a burger with no bun and a chili taco…..the food here was just okay.
Sorrentos – I was very excited to try the gluten free pizza here, but was told on Wednesday that they were out of the crust and I would have to come back after the bakery made more. I went back the next day and tried a personal pizza, but if you are used to Bob’s Red Mill crust you will be disappointed. The crust has a gritty texture to it so it is just okay.
Park Cafe – great salads and sliced roast beef (no bun) the first day. We went back to try the roast beef a second time and it wasn’t seasoned the same way. They have limited breakfast options here (yogurt, fruit, grits and oatmeal).
Solarium Bistro – gluten free breakfast consisted of yogurt, turkey sausage, turkey bacon, fruit.
Johnny Rockets – gluten free breakfast potatoes with red peppers, ham and onions, scrambled eggs and sausage links. The food here was a little greasy for my taste.

I never got sick to my stomach the whole trip so I think they have plenty of gluten free options!  This cruising experience was amazing….our cabin was a Central Park View overlooking this:

Oh, how I miss sailing on that glorious ocean (SIGH)!!

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