I’m still a kid!

Even though I’m all grown up I still enjoy a bowl of cereal for breakfast several days a week….sue me!  There is nothing like those crunchy spoonfuls swimming in milk to start my day, but what cereals are good and gluten free?

One of my favs is Chex.  There are several varieties that are gluten-free and readily available in stores.  I love the Cinnamon variety especially.

And I’m also very excited that Rice Krispies are now gluten-free.  Wait?  Weren’t these made out of rice?  Yes, they are, but the original contained barley malt flavoring and that contains gluten.  Now Kelloggs has created this classic cereal minus the gluten and I can’t wait to try them!

My cereal bowl is getting excited about       some serious snap, crackle and pop!


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